Celine Dion’s very latest music video "Voler" meaning "to fly" in the French transitive was filmed almost entirely on location at Lake Arrowhead Airport in November 2010 with aerial scenes over the airport's adjacent lands and Lake Arrowhead itself.   The theme is a grandfather passing on to his grandson the joys and beauty of flight.   Filming opens up with the front of our ranch house then utilizes the kitchen having breakfast as the day begins, realizing dreams at the vintage hangar with a 1940 era Stearman Biplane, then on to departing Lake Arrowhead Airport’s runway for a day of flying, finally retiring the evening in the ranch house bedroom.   This was an important project for Celine, as she had the director flown in from Paris France specifically to shoot this production. He wrote he "loved" the location as it fit their vision of flying in its pure and natural form. Jake Bayley the son of former owner Mark Bayley is the double in the Bi-Plane during the flying, a very exciting time for him.


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