Lake Arrowhead Airport Price Menu
Landing fee $20.00
Overnight tiedown FREE
Shuttle to or from the Village and Lake Arrowhead Resort area
(one way; from one to four passengers)
Aircraft monthly tiedown with vehicle parking $90.00
Note: When on the monthly tiedown plan, landing, overnight and single vehicle parking fees are included in the flat rate.
Cessna 172N rental $105.00/hr wet
Rental car ask for quote
Hangars to be determined
Fuel market rate not yet available
Lake Arrowhead Airport T-Shirts - guys and girls styles$15.00
  • Fly-In overnight camping standard landing fee and overnight fees apply per aircraft.
  • No additional charge for campsite.
  • We have the closest and year around access to the Deep Creek Hot Springs no charge.
  • Thank You For Your Interest In The Lake Arrowhead Airport.

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