Where is it: Lake Arrowhead Airport is located 2 miles north of Lake Arrowhead.

Arrowhead Airport Map (image courtesy Google Maps)

How to get there: From Lake Arrowhead Village (1) take Highway 173 4 miles across the dam to Golden Rule (2) and turn right.   Turn right on Manitoba, cross Yosemite to Ash Meadows Rd (3) (through forest service gate).   Travel 1.5 miles to the first sign for The Lost Ranch, .2 mile to the second sign and turn left. It is then .8 mile to The Lost Ranch and Lake Arrowhead Airport.

The 2 miles of Ash Meadows Rd. is a granite surface. When providing your own transportation an SUV or Truck are preferred vehicles.

Click the image above for detailed directions at Google Maps.

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