Interest list for hangars and tiedowns at the private Lake Arrowhead Airport
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Lake Arrowhead Communities Homeowner   Full Time Part Time
Hangar Size:   60x 52 42x 40 Tiedown
Fuel Requirement   100LL Jet A   Est. Amount in Gallons per Month
Prefer:   Lease Purchase
Aircraft Type Make N #
Dimensions:   Height Wingspan Length
Pilot   Owner/Pilot Hired Pilot Personal Charter
All hangars will have restrooms with hot and cold running water, electric bi-fold doors, man door, heat, optional air conditioning, and a storage area, fire protection and security. This is a private exclusive airport, for those clients requiring special privacy and discreetness or security for arrivals and departures this facility will meet your needs.

The runway will be Paved 3,650 x 75 with VASI, AWOS and Pilot Controlled Lighting.

Insurance will be required with Lake Arrowhead Airport named Additional Insured specific requirements to be announced.

Thank You For Your Interest In The Lake Arrowhead Airport.

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