Celine Dion video "Voler" filmed on location Lake Arrowhead Airport
November 2010
Lake Arrowhead Airport is destined to become the premier transportation provider for the Lake Arrowhead Resort area.   The runway is excellent for general aviation aircraft providing for business and recreation travel and a perfect resource for firefighting, air evacuation and emergency landing for public agencies in the mountain communities.   We are located 2.5 miles north of the lake.

Arrowhead Airport Information
identifier 2CN8  
unicom 123.075  
length 3,650'  
width 75'  
elevation 4,610'  
runways 9 / 27  
latitude 34 18' 15.0" N  
longitude 117 09' 05.0" W  
patterns standard left hand  
windsocks 3  
hangars 75  
tiedowns 16  
heli pads 2  
transient 8  

Closed until further notice

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